• Aluminum Fenders
  • Heavy 2 x 6 Carpeted Bunks
  • Spring Axles
  • Hot Dipped Tubular Steel Frames
  • Axle Lubrication System
  • Bead Balanced Wheels 13″ and Above
  • Heat Shrink Connections
  • Disc Brakes (where installed)
  • Tongue Jack on Trailers With Brakes
  • Heavy Galvanized Fender Steps
ModelBoat SizeCapacityWeightOAWOALWheelAxlesBrakesBunksBow Eye To Transom MinBow Eye To Transom Max
TH-16-126014-1612503907618'-7"4.80x12B102 PAIR11'-1"16'-10"
TH-16-151014-1615003967618'-7"4.80x12C102 PAIR11'-1"16'-10"
TH-18-235016-1823506849622'-6"ST175/80D13D104 PAIR16'-6"19'-10"
TH-20-235018-2023507229624'-6"ST175/80D13D104 PAIR18'-6"21'-10"
TH-22-255020-2225508259626'-6"ST185/80D13D104 PAIR20'-6"23'-10"
TH-20T-300018-2030008889624'-6"ST175/80D13B204 PAIR18'-6"21'-10"
TH-22T-300020-22300010339626'-6"ST175/80D13C204 PAIR20'-6"23'-10"
TH-22T-4200D120-22420010979627'-1"ST175/80D13C214 PAIR20'-6"23'-4"
TH-24T-310021-24310010749628'-6"ST175/80D13C204 PAIR22'-6"25'-10"
TH-24T-5000D121-24500011379629'-1"ST175/80D13D214 PAIR22'-6"25'-4"
TH-25T-5000D122-25500011459630'-1"ST175/80D13D214 PAIR22'-6"26'-4"
TH-28T-5000D126-28500013209630'1"ST175/80D13D214 PAIR22'-6"26'-4"
TH-28T-6000D126-28600013619634'9"ST215/75D14C214 PAIR26'-2"29'-7"
TH-30T-6000D128-30600014009636'9"ST215/75D14C214 PAIR28'-2"31'-7"
Tri-toon upgrade AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.  Ask your dealer for details.
D at the end of model number designates brakes.  EG. TH-22T-4200D  To add brakes to trailer with no brakes simply add a D at end of model number or D2 to tandem etc.
Please Note:
Brake laws vary from state to state, and the consumer along with their dealer, must verify that any trailer purchased will meet their state requirements.
Be advised that most states require, and Tidewater recommends brakes on all axles with a gross vehicle weight of 3000 pounds or more.
All information and specifications provided are subject to change without notice.  Verify with your dealer before ordering.